Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ten useful Nokia E63 tips!

  1. Switch between full screen and normal mode in real player by pressing Space key.
  2. If you want to play videos without audio every time, then select Mute from real player options. So it will be mute whenever you play the videos unless you change it manually. 
  3. To save a received message into notes then open the message and press Shift + Delete.
  4. You can use the *, +, /, = in the keypad directly while using the calculator. 
  5. If you wish not to use the navi key then you can navigate to any application in menu by pressing the Function key (left bottom key) and the appropriate number &  symbol keys.
  6. Turn Predictive texting on and off by pressing the ctrl + shift keys.
  7. The enter key is equivalent to pressing the Joystick center button. You can open any applications by using the Enter key.
  8. Switch between General and Silent profile by pressing and holding the # key in the home screen.
  9. Assign your favorite applications to the one touch keys for easy access.                                               
  10. Download Nokia's custom dictionary for deleting wrongly typed words with Dictionary mode on. That can also be used to take a backup of your frequently used and newly typed words. You can also add new words by importing them with a text file.  

Adding an Icon to QPushButton.

It is very simple to add an icon to the QPushButton. To add an icon just place a QPushButton into the QMainWindow area and in the right bottom corner under the QPushButton properties select the icon and choose Select File to select an icon.

Do not worry about the size of your image file since it will be automatically re-sized to 16x16.
       The maximum size of icon that can be set in a QPushButton is 16x16. If you want to set a bigger size then you have to use QToolButton or do some inheritance with QPushButton and override the default icon size settings.

You can also add some css styles to enhance the look of your application.
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