Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Second ever QML program! (A simple QML Program)

Since I have done my  final year project in Qt for Symbian, I have become a fan of Qt and QML. So I just wanted to try something in QML rather than Hello World! I always wanted to have a good Stop Watch in my mobile, so I just went straight away to right it in QML.

It merely took around 12 hours for me to code this decent looking looking app, but I have written it immediately after my Hello World in QML. So after getting used to it, it won't be time consuming.

I have published the app to OVI store, but I don't have the patience for it to get approved in the QA process, so I'm linking the packages here for you to try. The name says it all, download appropriate packages for your Symbian phone and Maemo.

Note : Before that you have to install the necessary Qt packages, and it must be of the version Qt 4.7.0 or higher. Qt Mobility packages are not necessary.

If you don't know what Qt and Qt Mobility packages are, then install the following package in your device.

If you are already using Qt or QML apps on your device, then start downloading the appropriate package for your mobile phone.


To download SIS file!

This is the self signed package for all devices like S60 V3 FP1, FP2, S60 V5, Symbian^3.

stopwatch_qt-4_7_0_m1_0_2_maemo5.deb - 331.3 KB
This is the Maemo 5 compatible Debian package. This package is not tested in real device.

For shortcuts: RR-StopWatch
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