Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to delete auto complete history in MS Outlook.

Definitely outlook is one of the best email client around but the complexity involved in it prevent us from using it. One such annoying thing is the auto complete feature in outlook.

The worst thing about it is, it remembers all the email addresses we have typed in even after deleting everything. So to get rid of this thing follow the steps below.

  • Go to  the following folder path 'C:\Documents and Settings\"Your Account Name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook'.
  • Search for .NK2 files and then delete it.
  • This is file which stores much details about your email activity including the mail ids for auto completion.
  • In the fore mentioned folder path change the "Your Account Name" with your "User Account Name". Each user have separate Application Data. So be aware while deleting that .NK2 file.
  • Instead you can also search for the .NK2 file if you have only one account for your computer.
  • Otherwise you can search for the .NK2 file and delete the appropriate file by looking at the Folder Path Details provided in the search results.

         Close the outlook express program and then delete the file, else it will prevent you from deleting it.

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