Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the last post we have seen how to send files (downloading) from laptop to mobile phone using wifi. Now we are going to learn how to send files (uploading) from mobile phones to laptop.
If you haven't read my last post then you have to read it to setup the laptop and
mobile to further proceed the steps in this post.

Sending Files From Mobile To Laptop Using Wifi:

In this actual process we are going to place three files inside the IIS server root folder for uploading our content to laptop. Click here to download the files. After you have downloaded the files extract them and place them in the folder path "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot", then as usual do the steps (from the previous post) to connect to laptop and type the link as then follow the screen shots provided below to upload your file to your laptop successfully.

1. The file will be saved in "C:\temp" folder. If you like to change the folder, open the FileUpload.aspx.cs file in Notepad and find the line File.SaveAs(@"C:\temp",FileUpload1.FileName); and change it as follows File.SaveAs(@"Your desired complete folder path (with drive name)",FileUpload.FileName);

2. You must have installed .NET framework for this procedure to work. Click here to download .NET framework 3.5. You can also download the latest version of .NET if you prefer so.
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