Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy way to install NS2 simulator in Ubuntu 10.04.

After a long time I’m posting this in my blog. For the project work of our final semester, we had to install NS2 in our Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit edition. After trying everything from the Internet, we finally have arrived at one simple solution to install NS2 simulator.

Not just NS2, but XGraph also. I have searched Launchpad (an user community where various packages are built for various Ubuntu Versions), to find the built. You can also search the website to download other packages. Mostly built for both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures are available.

Here is the link to download NS2 and XGraph.

First install the gcc 4.3 which is required package for NS2. Then install XGraph and finally install NS2.
Go to this link to download a simple TCL script for Network Simulation. To run the script go to the folder where it is saved in the Terminal and then type ns <script_name>.tcl. For some simulations that involve XGraph you have to do an extra step like executing the nam.

Its better to have an Internet connection to install dependencies if anything is missing. If some dependencies are reported missing, then copy the name exactly and use Google to search it.

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